Is 5G worth the danger ? Czech president says.

President of the Czech Republic Milo&scaron, Zeman met with Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei in Beijing on April 27. President Zeman voiced his support Huawei, saying that he believes the allegations from Huawei are groundless. The president also expects Huawei will play a role in the Czech Republic’s economic digitisation and 5G deployment. Zeman said, Huawei is a leader in the electronic sector, particularly in the 5G and smartphone industries. The current allegations from Huawei are groundless, and that I hope to see the continued development of Huawei in the Czech Republic.

Ren voiced his gratitude to the president for his confidence and appreciation. Ren briefed President Zeman on some basics details about Huawei, such as its own operations management and shareholding structure. Ren states, The Czech Republic is a fantastic nation, and a strong power in the industry. Czech Republic has huge potential to strengthen industrial digitization and AI application. Huawei is keen to make even larger contributions toward facilitating the nation’s digital economics agenda. Since establishing its Rep Office in 2003, Huawei became a partner of the top 3 carriers in the country. Dutch telecom provider KPN has also signed an agreement with Huawei to begin preparations for the construction of KPN Mobile radio access network in the Netherlands, as part of KPN’s mobile network modernisation for 5G.

KPN will make a separate decision for the 5G Core Network in accord with its vendor strategy. Huawei Benelux Chief executive officer Steven Cai states, We appreciate KPN’s trust and are honored by their option to partner with us to the mobile radio access network modernization. We’re devoted to encouraging KPN in their aspirations to preserve and strengthen their lead within the global telecoms industry. We’re conscious of the concerns and discussions regarding security and protection. It’s hard to defend yourselves when no facts are on the table.

For that reason, we welcome the initiative of the Dutch authorities with the Taskforce. We’ll collaborate where necessary and provide insights and answers where needed. Huawei has 600 employees in the Netherlands, working from 3 offices in Amsterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven. Additionally, Huawei has a European logistics center in Eindhoven. Earlier this year, Huawei announced the opening of a R&D Centre in the Netherlands. Despite concerns about safety, Huawei has been making progress in quelling concern.

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