Arcserve Launches Business Continuity Cloud

Arcserve recently introduced Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud, the first fully integrated, cloud born solution to prevent the impact of unplanned downtime by instantly restoring access to critical data, systems and applications through complex, multi generational IT infrastructures which range from non-x86 along with x86, to applications as a support and infrastructure as a service. With this solution, Arcserve simplifies the challenges of shielding IT due to the time, skill, expense and numerous tools required to safeguard new workloads. According to new information being published by Arcserve, 64 percent of global IT decision makers agree that protecting business critical data hasn’t become easier over the past five years, despite efforts to make decisions to simplify and reduce costs.

Moreover, because reserve infrastructures are increasingly becoming complicated and more costly, the tolerance for data loss is diminishing. Ninety three percent of IT decision makers revealed their organizations could tolerate minimal, if any, data loss from commercial applications, but only 26% think confident in their capability to recuperate fast enough to prevent business disruption. Based on our observations and underscored by this research, it is evident that organizations can’t efficiently protect modern IT infrastructures with today’s incomplete tools which create more complexity, push the total cost of ownership, and finally increase the potential risk of data loss and downtime by openings in protection, said Oussama El Hilali, vice president of Products at Arcserve.

Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud is the only solution capable of addressing these challenges by bring all data security processes together in one area. Whether migrating workloads into the cloud, requiring advanced protection of the virtual machine or needing assistance for sub minute RTOs and RPO – it is all under one hood. Arcserve has accomplished something quite distinctive in this market by shutting a significant gap for companies requiring more robust data protection capabilities without the complexity of using several backup tools for new or disparate workloads, said Edwin Yuen, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. Many solutions today consist of products bolted together with UI upgrade, yet Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud stands out with a level of integration beyond the majority of other vendors, making a solution that is extremely intuitive yet unbelievably powerful.

Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud gets rid of the need for other data protection tools and direction consoles with fully integrated capabilities to safeguard and restore applications and systems in almost any location, at headquarters and in clouds that are public and private. Features covering the data protection lifecycle are accessible via a customizable, cloud based internet console. Most tasks are employed in 3 clicks or less. This supports near zero RTO and RPO with higher accessibility, Minutes with virtual standby and instantaneous VM watches with bare metal restore, and granular recovery and fast detection for compliance. ArcServe claims that this will reduce time and money spent on IT management by up to 50 percent.

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