AWS makes S3 Glacier Deep Archive accessible for cloud storage needs

It had been guaranteed at last year’s re: Invent, and it’s here: Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of S3 Glacier Deep Archive, aimed at being the lowest price storage in the cloud. When the business said it was the cheapest around, it wasn’t kidding, offering costs at only $0.0009 9 per gigabyte a month, or $1 per terabyte a month. This amount, as with some other cold storage, is aimed at organizations looking to move away from off site archives or magnetic data tapes for data that should be stored, but is accessed once in each blue moons.

You need to be out of your mind to manage your very own tape proceeding, Jassy told attendees back in November. We’ve clients who’ve exabytes of storage locked out on tape, that are stuck on handling tape infrastructure for the infrequent event of data recovery. It is difficult to do and that info isn’t close to the rest of their info if they want to do analytics and machine learning on it, said Mai Lan Tomsen Bukovec, Amazon Web Services VP of S3. S3 Glacier Deep Archive prices just a dollar a terabyte a month and opens up rarely accessed storage for analysis whenever the company needs it, without needing to cope with the infrastructure or logistics of tape access.

Cold storage isn’t merely the domain of AWS needless to say. Google’s Coldline offer is subject to price cuts this month, with the firm opting for levels of availability and reduced levels of latency as its calling card. Google said at that time that Coldline in several regional places was geo redundant, which means it was shielded from regional failure by storing another copy of it at least 100 miles off in a different region. For comparison, AWS aims to offer eleven durability, and restoration within 12 hours or not. Clients using Glacier Deep Archive, AWS added, include video creation and distribution provider Deluxe, Vodacom, and the Academic Preservation Trust.

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