Microsoft India to train 5 lakh youth in AI in three decades

The company will also be upskill 1000 developers in the emerging technology areas. Microsoft India plans to train 5 young lakhs in intelligence throughout the country over the next three decades and has set up AI laboratories in 10 universities. The company will also be upskill 1000 developers in the emerging technology areas. The software important said 700 organizations including government bodies within the country are using its AI solutions today and nearly 60 percent of them are big enterprises. Microsoft said it’s seeing a faster transformation between enterprises in india and that’s leading to growth in demand.

Microsoft started Intelligent Cloud Hub Program to equip research and college education institutions with AI infrastructure, build curriculum and help both students and faculty to build their skills and experience in cloud computing, information sciences, AI and IoT. We believe AI will allow Indian companies and even more for India’s progressin education, skills, health and agriculture. Microsoft believes that it’s crucial to build increased consciousness and opportunities in security, privacy, trust and accountability. The power of AI is only starting to be achieved and can be a game changer for India, said Anant Maheshwari, Microsoft India, President. Maheshwari said organizations in India are catching up fast. Microsoft India has generated four pillars – enabling digital transformation, creating coalitions for responsible innovation, bridging the skills gap and improving employability and generating sustained social effect.

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