Microsoft unveils services for Blockchain and AI

The company also unveiled IoT, combined reality and advantage computing tools for developers.
Microsoft has announced the death of a developers technology and services for Azure ahead of next week’s Build conference in Seattle. The company will roll out preset services for AI, IoT, combined reality and blockchain with the aim of putting advanced capabilities in the hands of developers. It is an amazing time to be a developer. Said Scott Guthrie, executive VP in Microsoft’s cloud and AI group. From building AI and combined reality into applications to leveraging blockchain for solving commercial business issues, developers skillsets and influence are growing rapidly.

Today we are delivering advanced Azure services for programmers to create the next generation of applications. With 95 percent of Fortune 500 clients running on Azure, these innovations may have a very big impact. The Azure services start with a set of AI technologies bundles aimed at helping developers and information scientists apply AI to any workload. There is a brand new service being launched for Azure Cognitive Services called decision. It delivers users a recommendation for more educated and efficient decision making. This class includes Content Moderator, the recently declared anomaly detector, along with a new service named Personaliser, that uses reinforcement learning to provide users with specific recommendations to enable informed and quick decision making.

AI is also being added to Azure Search with the overall availability of the cognitive research capacity. Microsoft said this will allow clients to apply cognitive service algorithms to extract insights from their own structured and unstructured content. At the top of this, there’s an ability to store AI tips obtained from cognitive search to do it simpler create visualization or machine learning models. Machine learning services also have been tweaked with Azure DevOps integration, automated advances and a machine learning interface that offers a no code model creation and setup support with drag and drop capabilities. Last year, Microsoft announced the Azure Blockchain Workbench, which will be A UI for programmers to make blockchain application on a preconfigured Azure supported network.

Adding to that, the company is starting Azure Blockchain Service that is a managed consortium network which offers built-in management for common management tasks, like adding new members, setting permissions and authenticating user applications. This follows the statement that JP Morgan’s Ethereum stage, Quorum, is going to be the first book available in Azure Blockchain Service. Although it sounds great, there is also a touch of dé, jà, vu about it, in April, Google announced very similar preset AI services for developers, which itself, followed Amazon Web Services starting comparable at AWS Re: invent in November. AWS declared blockchain services back in November. Although Microsoft is still far behind AWS, the largest cloud company around, it’s one of the quickest growing cloud providers, lately the company reached the $1 trillion mark thanks in part to its cloud growth.

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