Author: Phil Town

In stocks and financial markets, dare to invest in is also an initial psychological success. However, 95% of investors belong to the group of small investors with very limited financial knowledge. They enter the stock market with 100% willpower and determination to win the market; unfortunately, their ultimate outcome is always failure and loss.

Many “investors” do not have a standard investment system at all. Do not know how and criteria to search for stocks, track, decide where to buy and decide when to sell. Because there is no standardized investment system, the only option we have is the LOSS.

So are only financial experts able to succeed in the stock market? Do you have to own dozens of treasures of financial knowledge that are not easily “absorbed” overnight to make money from securities?

Not really. There are many people who are not well-trained in financial knowledge, even though they are small investors, they still win the market and get rich from securities. That’s because they have a standard investment system, know how to apply analytical tools, and adhere to the principles of investment. There is a standard investment system that has been applied by master investors in the world such as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger… That excellent investment system and method of investment is encapsulated and really easy to understand in Pay Back Time by Phil Town.

Payback Time is is one of the best-selling investment books voted by the New York Times. It was written by Phil Town using simple, easy-to-understand languages and incorporates practical examples to help readers reach with knowledge of securities investment easily. The book will guide you from how to choose, evaluate stocks, to build yourself a list of stocks to buy, determine the price – the value of the stock, what is the right price to buy and sell, how to choose a good business, how to choose a good business, principles when buying stocks, criteria, secrets of compound interest… and practice like that until you get rich.

“A happy life begins with wise investment decisions.” Today, start your wise investment decision by equipping a complete system and method of investment that has been proven absolutely effective over time as presented in this book. Because: Making large sums of money from stock investments is the best “revenge” for your financial future that has been robbed before.

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