Red Hat and VMware announce reference architecture for OpenShift

Red Hat has seen the industry shift in focus from only modernising IT to truly creating digital transformation through each business. Since companies create hybrid cloud architectures, it is essential to allow them to consider several factors: Developing on demand cloud such as environments in both cloud. Creates operational coherence for all of cloud environments. Enable extremely automated tools for operations and development teams. Establish security down and up the stack, to address increased attacks and threats. For many enterprise companies, their hybrid cloud journey begins by producing that cloud such as experience on assumptions.

And for a number of companies, that starts with bring together the leader in software defined data center infrastructure, VMware and leading Linux platform. From that foundation, many clients are deploying Red Hat OpenShift container platform to help them set up native cloud applications with containers and Kubernetes. As clients get more comfortable with flexible design models that drive their digital transformation, they start to look at ways to genuinely reshape the economics that may accelerate these changes. This means having a concentrate on the operation costs which may take away from financing that may be reapplied to developing new business applications.

Red Hat and VMware were technology partners for several years, helping companies from around the globe creating more secure, software defined infrastructure. Now the two companies are expanding their relationships by working on a reference architecture to bring Red Hat OpenShift into VMware’s SDDC stack into a fashion. Until now, mutual clients had to do a lot of custom work to incorporate VMware vSphere, NSX-T and vSAN with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. This generated on going operational costs which were less than optimal and took away from the new concentrate on value producing applications. Red Hat OpenShift on the VMware Software Defined Data Center Architecture leverages the companies work together to simplify how enterprises can achieve the advantages of both technology piles, and accelerate that shift towards more innovation and business differentiation. This reference architecture provides clients with a protected on assumptions environment to run Red Hat OpenShift, and possibly unite that with people cloud deployments of OpenShift to build out their hybrid cloud. The work to make this reference architecture was equally at the level of the supplier’s collaboration, as well as inside the open source Kubernetes community. With established VMware infrastructure, and Red Hat is glad to see the gain the community generally with the established VMware infrastructure, and Red Hat is happy to see the operate with the established VMware infrastructure, and Red Hat is happy to see the concentrate .

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