Author: Guy Spier

This is not a book about investing, nor does it teach you the way to invest, this book is about the journey of the author himself learned on the path of investment and to his wealth.

The book is real-life, intimate stories that tell stories from very ordinary habits to great things. But eventually you’ll learn how to think like a smart investor, choose who to be your role model, who will guide and use the wisdom of those who have gone ahead to change your life.

The education of a value investor is the story of Guy Spier himself recounting his journey, from the initial concepts to investing to the right and wrong things learned until he found his own path.

The character “I” – Guy Spier – has longed to be a second Gordon Gekko (the protagonist of the movie Wall Street) – a ” self-centered”, short-sighted, selfish and arrogant man. In the early days of that investment, Guy Spier was a graduate of Oxford and Harvard MBA, working at an investment bank on Wall Street… with the arrogance and pride from the prestigious educational environment.

It was the arrogant thinking that inspired Guy Spier to come up with the idea of choosing a career path that must be unique and unlike any of his classmates. Despite having heard the rumors of D. H. Blair everywhere, Guy Spier still sacrificed 2 years at this company. Unfortunately, those scandals are the way D. H. Blair does business by earning from the opportunities denied by others, then sell to easy-going investors who have high hopes with big capital and lack of knowledge.

After meeting Mohnish and through the Warren Buffett lovers’ group, Guy found his life buoy after the economic crisis and the “pain” experienced with D. H. Blair. A series of psychological developments, struggles in thought and self-awareness process lead him on the path from the smart investor Benjamin Graham to the great investment philosophies of Charlie Munger in Poor Charlie’s Almanack.

Next is the meeting with Mohnish Pabrai and lunch with Warren Buffett. That $ 650,100 trade-off meal had a life-changing impact on Guy Spier.

Throughout The education of a value investor, readers and investors alike who enjoy investing will truly experience Guy Spier’s true transformation from a stork “mafia” in a fund of investment specializing in trading “junk” stocks to become a true value investor enlightened by the wisdom of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger.

Guy Spier’s The Education of a Value Investor is truly a book worth every word and every idea. An extremely candid memoir that takes readers into the darkest corners of Wall Street. It is also a practical and intelligent guide to help you become a successful investor. The lessons that you only need to learn a few of these, you will have no choice but to become rich – and can be extremely rich.

Books to guide newcomers in securities investment; or investors who are lost and at risk may find themselves a bright path. Or simply, this book is for those who already know and love the value investment method, helping them strengthen their beliefs and find more allies on the ideal of seeking the truth in investment.

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