Author: Chris Guillebeau

If you had $100 on hand, what would you use them for?

You may think this is not too big and too small to start a business but Chris Guillebeau will show you $100 enough for you to start a business through The $100 Startup.

When you see the title of the book, you must be wondering, “What can I do with $100?”. The $100 Startup tells you about the success of real characters the author met and talked to. They are mostly low-cost startups, around $100. Some people are reluctant to switch to business, the rest want to be free to do what they like and still make money. In the book, the author will analyze the factors or tips that make success for these business models. There are some fairly new business types, others are improved from the old ones, the key is what is different to attract customers to them.

Through the sharing of entrepreneurs and the sharp analysis of the author, you will find a lot of new knowledge about entrepreneurship, manage business activities, manage capital, organize organizational structure, personnel,… In addition, you will also have access to different ways of communication, advertising, product or brand marketing, or sometimes the “no cost” but still highly effective.

When you read books, you will see, there are very “bullshit” things you never thought of making money but actually made money, even a lot of money. Your ideas are not necessarily crazy, turn them into products and services of quality that others need, want or desire to have. The core of business is to bring a certain value to customers.

More than just an economic book, The $100 Startup is also a book that inspires and motivates. In the book, the author has repeatedly emphasized that anyone can live freely, make money from his favorite things. That is the kind of passion life. Just as you love it, learn how to make a living from it. And you will only have to “work for yourself” only.

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau is a special book for those who want a life full of adventure, adventure. Chris is still a “wanderer” at the age of 30. He traveled to 175 countries in unemployment condition. But Chris has an innate ability to turn his ideas into money.

The $100 Startup not only brings joy, but also helps you to wake up creative thinking. How you leverage your passion or strengths to build a business but always live with clear goals and meanings. And the most important thing is to achieve a good life.

In this start-up book, Guillebeau points out intriguing research on entrepreneurs who are passionate about building businesses with 50,000 or more revenue on a meager budget, usually only from $100 or less. If you want to build a small business, and a meaningful and independent adventure, this is the book that will show you the way.

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