Author: Tim Ferriss

In this start-up book, Guillebeau points out intriguing research on entrepreneurs who are passionate about building businesses with 50,000 or more revenue on a meager budget, usually only from $100 or less. If you want to build a small business, and a meaningful and independent adventure, this is the book that will show you the way.

THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK has sparked a new wave of thought in Silicon Valley. Marc Andreesen, an expert in personal productivity optimization, is also one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world’s tech center in an interview “Basically, what Tim has done is to gather and refine theories about time management and labor productivity over the past 2, 3 decades, then optimize it and come up with new, very useful concepts. ”

The secret that the author discovered is encapsulated in the word of “DEAL” corresponding to four steps:

D: Definition: In this step, Tim Ferriss helps you completely change the wrong thinking and come up with the rules and purpose of a new method. You will have the answer to the question of who are the new rich and how they act.

E: Elimination: Kill outdated views on how to manage time. By using the unusual techniques of the new rich: apply “selective indifference” – eliminating unnecessary frills, focusing only on the really important things, you can increase labor productivity to at least ten times. This section also explains the first factor in creating a comfortable lifestyle, which is time.

A: Automation: Are there any methods to make money automatically flow into your pocket? In this step you will continue to learn about income: what is the second factor in creating a comfortable and comfortable life style and what is the main difference between relative income and absolute income?

L: Liberation: this is a manifesto of fluidity. You will learn how to control your work remotely while on vacation. This section also discusses the ultimate factor in creating a comfortable life: mobility.

In addition to a lot of comments praising and agreeing with these secrets, there are also some quite harsh objections. Some people think that the book is trying to preach a new motto of life: “Enjoy life as soon as you can.” (It was introduced by Thoreau two centuries ago). The solution to be able to implement a “leisurely” lifestyle is by outsourcing all possible jobs, so you minimize what you have to do and therefore have time to enjoy life.

In addition, the wealthy secret that Tim Ferriss provides in this book focuses on establishing an e-business, getting rich online business (common formula to help make new rich people). This formula is hard to apply to everyone, because not everyone is as smart and in good condition as Ferriss.

The public opinion seems to be contrary to the book, because nothing is absolutely absolute, just as Tim Ferriss did not aspire to make the whole world relax just by his book.

This book does not recommend you to save, does not recommend giving up the hobby of enjoying life. The book doesn’t force you to choose between today’s enjoyment and tomorrow’s money. As of today, you can have both – fun and profit.

This book does not help you find the job you dreamed of, it just helps you free up time and earn more income.

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