Author: Guy Kawasaki

Today, creating a business for yourself seems to be the dream of many young people. As the business environment expands, more and more companies are established, and more and more young directors. But it is a difficult and arduous problem, not only for students who have just graduated without any experience but even adults, who have many years of work. Statistics show that 80% of companies fail to pass the second year, or barely grow or even go bankrupt. 

When starting out, a series of questions are asked that you need to answer: Where will the loan be? How to turn your ideas into action? What factors ensure a successful start? How to find, recruit and retain good employees when salaries are very low and most talented people are attracted to large corporations? How to build a brand with a very limited budget? etc.

As one of the best-known and best-selling books, The Art of the Start is like a special entrepreneurial handbook, a fire that drives you to act and act right. The Art of the Start will give you all the key and necessary steps in launching products and services. The book will teach managers to arouse thinking, entrepreneurship and creativity in established companies or for beginners who want to start a business to help them stay creative and stay ahead.

In this book, Kawasaki gives readers the concept of GIST – Great Ideas for Starting Things. It includes proven skills such as starting a business; market positioning; customer persuasion; business plan planning; network creation; capital mobilization; brand extension and prestige…

Right on the first pages of the book, the author wrote: “Each person should choose carefully the path that he likes and must wholeheartedly follow that path”. Only passion and determination will make people successful and only when your whole mind will survive and survive. To succeed, before starting a business for yourself, you should consider and evaluate yourself very seriously, to determine whether you really want to set up a company or not. You will have to answer the questions:

  • Can you work for a long time with a low salary?
  • Can you deal with being opposed always?
  • Can you manage dozens of employees?

This is one of the most influential books in the startup world, especially for Tech companies. The author of the book is a venerable Guru of Silicon Valley. In his book, Guy Kawasaki brings his two decades of experience as a strategist to provide very insightful advice, which can help businesses avoid many common mistakes and the situations that everyone encounters when starting up.

The book is especially useful for anyone who wants to start anything, from young people with aspirations and passion for entrepreneurship to entrepreneurs with many years of experience, from a multinational corporation to a non-governmental organization.

When reading this book, readers will find that The Art of the Start is really appealing, attractive and full of useful lessons not only for those who want to start a business, but also for entrepreneurs who have many years of experience. Without fiction or theory, The Art of the Start takes us straight to the point, to the challenges that the way of dealing with situations that we all encounter at the beginning.

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