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Being Carbuncle on the spine without good financial training but Mohnish Pabrai has become a very successful investor. He is ranked among the famous new generation investors plus Phil Town, Guy Spier, Seth Klarman; Excellent successors inherited the investment secrets of their predecessors Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

Are you looking for the answer to why there are people who go from the very end of the difficulty to becoming a billionaire and a millionaire contributing to the development of a commodity in a big economy like the US? Through the first chapters, you will be completely drawn to the lessons of changing the fate of impoverished migrants, strategies, and rigors for success. They had to tighten their belts in order to achieve economic success!

But now you have a stable job, with a living wage, you have ideas but do not want to risk? It is not for anyone, but what will help us balance the passion to get rich but not too risky? If you do not want to become risky and fear risks, then learn from the experience of hardworking people, constantly upgrade yourself right after a temporary job. Yes, you will never be satisfied with the present, if you are satisfied with the present, it will be the time when you miss the opportunity to invest in yourself as well as financial investment in the future.

Don’t worry, though, that the book just stops at ordinary inspirational stories; but on the contrary, it is the sharing as well as the real investment experience from millionaires and billionaires around the world. In order for you to understand that the wealth that comes from investing and investing is not only risky, they are still safe when you own it and give it tactics.

And anyway, your reading experience will get more from mergers and acquisitions, securities and more.

You will gradually enter the world of technical words that require high levels of in-depth inquiry. And all they need is the time you spend exploring this book.

Get research together and invest in organizations that sell products that everyone needs; invest in businesses with the least probability of change and propose changes, those with low risk and high uncertainty; wait and bet big when the advantage is on your side; make small bets, big bets and irregular bets; buy when others are desperate. That’s the part you need to do when you follow the eye-catching investment in the book Art of Investment Dhandho by Mohnish Pabrai..

Who is this book for?

It will be a bit too much when you are a student because it is simply the experience drawn from good investors, but nothing can prevent you from receiving valuable lessons.

As an investment bookcase, the book is suitable for all financial people, prospective investors, or business owners. You will feel great when you find such a teacher. As you personally feel after reading Marketing books.

The book selects the “basic” content and explains it thoroughly, so relax and enjoy them!

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