Sharon Lechter is the co-author of the famous “Rich Dad – Poor Dad” series, also an internationally renowned financial expert. She has worked extensively on successful women in the past, interviewed successful women in the present and pondered Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich. From there, she proposed 13 steps to women’s success from the perspective and experience of these women – all in the book Think And Grow Rich For Women.

The book will provide women with important knowledge and directions on Think and Grow Rich. The statistics in the book will help you recognize the increasing power of women around the world (in the time period closest to the time of writing). The author guides a series of statistics in many other aspects: Enterprise, Enterprise Ownership, Income, Politics… to help women realize their economic power in today’s era and their tremendous influence.

After helping women appreciate their economic power, the book will address the issues that women face and provide helpful advice to overcome obstacles and challenges and seize opportunities for successful development, from family frustration, job advancement, even business ownership – things that many women dream but do not dare to stand up for it. By reading the last pages of the book, the author hopes that you will find your own voice – the “choice” power is in women. With the ability to make other options more optimal, you do not need to feel guilty in the process of finding balance. You can also replace the goal of “Balancing work and life” with the goal of “Pursuing a life that is full of love, family, satisfaction, success and meaning”. The right to choose and the power to realize it is entirely in the hands of our women. Women should support each other to achieve success and a better life.

The content of the book is presented in 15 major chapters. Each chapter begins with a brief summary of Napoleon Hill’s lessons in Think and Grow Rich. Next is the success story of female leaders who applied that principle of wealth. Besides, the quotes from many extraordinary women will help to highlight the messages and lessons in the chapter. At the end of each section is a personal advisory section – the author asks questions and suggestions for you to apply the lesson contained in the chapter to real life – this section will help you quickly identify the areas that motivate you to develop and create the life you want.

Sharon Lechter did more than add a female perspective to the immortal work of Napoleon Hill. Her new version – Think And Grow Rich For Women – is modern for the 21st century, reflecting the personal growth of women over the past 75 years. It has become a classic book for every woman with the desire to realize her potential and meaning in life. 

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